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RJMRLA: Unapologetically Redefining Street Culture through Fashion and Music

For a minute I was questioning it if I still had it or not


Renowned as one of the best-dressed artists hailing from Los Angeles, RJMRLA  opens up in an exclusive interview with our team, discussing a variety of topics, from his unique fashion choices and music influences to the challenges of being an artist and CEO simultaneously. RJMRLA's unfiltered and candid responses provide an insightful glimpse into his artistic journey and his views on self-expression through fashion and music.

Q:How does it feel to take a hiatus and then come back and get the same love?

RJMRLA: For a minute I was questioning it if I still had it or not. I looked at lams he told me the streets need me and when he told me that I was like bet its REAL. Sometimes when the music is good the streets don’t give a fuck but when they received the music and gave the feedback that they gave that shit was surreal it was dope I loved it.

Q:Who are some of your Influences in fashion and music?

RJMRLA: Well fashion I watch everybody and see what they be on but I don’t have anybody like an icon that I look up to in regard to fashion. I just dress how I feel. Sometimes im on some rock shit sometimes and others im on rap shit. Im at an age where I experienced all that shit. Prince wearing tight pants back in the day and gang members today wearing tight pants. Its not just about name brand shit its all about how you put it on.

As far as music Prince, lil Wayne, Tupac, biggie jay z snoop dogg, pretty much all my predecessors that paved the way for us. Ice cube westside connection, DMX. I studied everybody before me. We studied different albums and songs and seen how it made us feel.

Shoutout [The]Game people don’t realize how much we take from him and his blueprint. He was one of the few early artist who took the rap from the east coast and made it into his own flow.


Q: We see alot of artist are starting to paint their nails, why are they doing it ?

RJMRLA: Well like I said I be on my rock shit, I don’t even rock the painted nails all the time. It's only when I need another form of self expression when I'm on that type of level because its not normal, its not what gangstas do especially coming from where we come from.

Do niggas think Im painting my nails to attract men ? Cause that’s not the case I like women. Regardless if I paint my nails or not that’s not gonna change.

Q:How does it feels to be a Ceo and an artist?

RJMRLA: well….. being an artist and a Ceo is a lot of work. Its a lot more work than expected because not only do I have to be an artist you have to have another artist best interest in their career in your hands. When the artist isn’t feeling right you gotta put whatever you’re doing aside and consul that artist. The artist can afford to fail but me having artist I cannot afford to fail my artist. I was supposed to be working on my DJ DRAMA tape but my artist Bree Carter album needed work. So I put my career on hold and made sure all the executive things were done on her album and that’s what it is you have to put your all into a new artist.

Besides living expenses what do you spend most of your money on?

RJMRLA: Studio time and engineers. 

Q: No materialistic stuff ? 

RJMRLA: : no that’s built into the living expenses so that goes into rent category. Im investing everything back into the business so I can feed my artist. Covering music videos, photoshoots etc for the artist.

Q:what is your fashion philosophy?

RJMRLA: I would say put it on, disregard the brand disregard the cost. Sometimes a cheap ass t shirt will be just what you need to put on.

As we discussed the rising trend of artists painting their nails, RJMRLA explained that it serves as a form of self-expression, breaking norms in an unapologetic way. He made it clear that his choices are not about attracting others but rather about embracing his individuality. 

Let us know in the comments what ways are you representing your form of self expression. 



















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