About Us


Our story began in 2004, when we set out to create a t-shirt that truly reflected the style of the city we grew up in, Los Angeles. 

Born was our max heavyweight t-shirt– heavy, boxy, and iconic. We quickly gained a following among streetwear enthusiasts and hip hop lovers, who appreciated the cut, weight, and affordability of our garments. 

As these niches grew in popularity around the world, so did our brand. Today, we are proud to say that our heavyweight t-shirts are world-famous, worn by people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds who appreciate the intersection of simplicity and style.

We expanded our product line to include a wide range of clothing and accessories, but we never lost sight of our roots. We remained true to our commitment to creating apparel that reflected the spirit of street fashion.

Our brand is not just about creating clothes, it's about creating a lifestyle of individuality. We strive to empower those who wear Shaka Wear to express themselves through their fashion choices, and to feel confident in their everyday lives. 

We invite you to join our community, and to experience the unique style and quality that defines our brand. Thank you for choosing us, and we look forward to seeing your unlimited self expression in the best streetwear essentials in the world!