About Us

About Us

Created in Los Angeles, Shaka Wear embodies the urban streetwear culture. Promoting a lifestyle of individuality and self expression. We understand that true style lies in the basics. Our collection revolves around streetwear essentials – the cornerstone of any fashion-forward wardrobe. From timeless tees to versatile hoodies, each piece is crafted to be more than just clothing; it's a lifestyle.

Our Vision

We are not content with merely setting trends; we are dedicated to rewriting the very narrative of fashion.
Our vision is an extraordinary testament to the exceptional quality of our blanks, a vision that transcends time, and an allure that speaks to the masses

High quality

High quality is the name of our game. We don’t accept anything less than and you shouldn’t either. That’s why we put all of our resources into creating the best quality streetwear essentials. Our attention to detail goes into every thread.

Timeless appeal

Superb quality is one of the traits that makes Shaka Wear Essentials timeless.
You may be used to your shirts fading fast , losing its shape, and looking like somebody ran it over, but that’s not us.
Our minimal and versatile designs are so timeless, even Bruce Lee would've rocked Shaka Wear and kicked ass.

Universal Appeal

Our vision is simple to stand alone as the top premium streetwear essentials brand worldwide.
Shaka Wear streetwear essentials will be a universal language.